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Chapter One: I Don't Want to Go

The leaves have changed, the clocks have gone back, the thermals are back on - however this when my creativity feels its warmest.

I am nearly halfway through my final year of University, a three year adventure that has taught me many lessons. Independence, friendship and learning from mistakes; three key aspects of my character.

I recently returned home for reading week where I spent some time to get away from the toppling deadlines that seemed to be banging at my door to refresh, refocus and reenergise. Since I've been away from home studying, these trips back in-between semester times have felt more valuable.

However, one of the first days back was spent planning life after University and the realism of coming back home again hit me strongly. My mind spent the day wondering and mostly saddened by the prospect of leaving those who I've made such strong bonds with and that another door would soon have to close.

It's a psychological phenomenon that isn't rare for graduates to feel on returning home. Going back to West London in a way feels like a step backwards - almost if restarting a level in a video game. However, as is normally the case, my Dad, the wisest person I know, (who always knows the right words to conjure at a time of need to his stressed son) simply phrased it as "That's life, you move on".

And so I do.

Exciting times are ahead. I am well into pre-production of my second short film "Snapped", a horror focusing on the obsession surrounding social media. Although I label it my second, it is probably my proper first attempt at Directing. Having written the script over a year ago, I am both nervous and excited to finally put my vision on screen and work with some extremely talented people.

I am sure the usual stresses of making a film will arise closer to production, but for now I'm just enjoying the ride. Taking a deep breath and realising this is another great learning opportunity for me to grow as a filmmaker. As I always like to think, "Its just a film" - that I will age twenty years by making.

End of Chapter One.

Bonus: I Thought it would be cool on this blog to leave my Film and TV recommendations.

In Cinema, both A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody both were brilliantly executed films that took me on a wave of emotions. Personally as more of a fan of Queen's music, Bohemian spoke more to me and I'm ecstatic to see early negative reviews haven't turned doubters off what will probably end up being my favourite film of 2018.

On Netflix, I finished the final season of House of Cards within a day, I have to say the departure of Frank still looms large over the final chapters and although Robin Wright is still delightful as Claire, it left me slightly underwhelmed. I throughly enjoyed both Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Maniac, which really sprung out for their fresh, bold choices narratively. Both are worth a gander if you're looking for something new to binge as the nights close in.

Recently added to my playlist: "Mountain At My Gates" - Foals, "Fanfare" - mtbrd feat. Flamingos, "Seasons" - Veer Union

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